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Hello There!


I'm a Freelance Designer and Illustrator with 18 years experience in the toy industry and 5+ years offering support as a character/prop designer for the animation industry. I'm always looking for new clients and ways that I can help people visually develop ideas. Let me know if I can be of any help to you.


Animation and Toys have always been near and dear to my heart and were always my comfort space when I was a kid. I found solace in the animated features, episodic cartoons, and toys that were available to me as I navigated life’s twists and turns. The stories functioned as a surrogate support system for me that made me feel like I could get through any challenge with the right attitude. Though I didn’t know it at the time, those were the very things that would lead me down a creative path and eventually into the toy industry. While there, I drew on the experiences from my childhood in an effort to bring more positive energy into the world. To become the change in the world that i wanted to see. It brought me a lot of joy to help give back like that while doing something I was passionate about, designing characters. To this very day, I’m still enthralled by the way I feel when watching a feature/episode/or playing with a toy that has a great story, tons of heart, great designs, color, and epic worlds that the characters live in. I’m drawn to this sort of thing, and am striving to connect with others who are as well.

Currently, I run my own freelance design business where I apply my creative services to a broad range of companies that vary between Toys, Collectibles, Packaging Illustration, and Animation. The work environment I operate in is fast paced and is based on tangible deadlines that affect production schedules for my clients. I’ve honed an ability to efficiently work with clients from different backgrounds who have different needs, and provide a variety of feedback on the direction of my art. I pride myself on engaging in clear communication, effective collaboration, time management, and attention to detail for every client. Naturally, I’d love to put all of my effort into helping you develop new characters for the stories you’re creating next, and to bring more smiles to faces all over the world.

I can replicate or develop aesthetics from scratch to fit a desired creative/illustrative need. I have very strong communication skills, know when to ask questions, am capable of deciphering and prioritizing information quickly, and i am notoriously easy to work with. My goal is to help you in a relentlessly efficient manner.  


My services range from: Design/Development for product/entertainment, Character design, Color Guides/Deco Sheets, Design Schematics/Orthographics, Packaging Illustrations, Playset Design, Presentation Illustrations, Prop Design, Stylization, Sculpt inputs/Turns, and Vehicle Design.

Aside from that, i frequently occupy myself with an assorted array of general nonsense.




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